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 Hope Chain activates individuals into a community that cares with a strong sense of purpose. 

We aim to reduce the stigma of reaching out for support. Our community is a forum for a powerful message – YOU ARE LOVED .

Join the Hope Chain. Give and receive love because you CAN make a difference. 


How does Hope Chain work?

Spark a chain reaction of hope through weekly challenges (think the popular ice bucket challenge) designed to reassure all that there are people out there who love you. This spreads positivity through our social networks. 

It can be as simple as telling someone you love them, and then the Hope Chain multiplies it. One person tells someone in their network YOU ARE LOVED and then that person tells someone, who tells someone, and the chain continues. 

Upcoming Challenge Examples:

-Tell someone you love them today

-Give 2 sincere compliments to people in your life

-Hug 5 people this week

Who are we?

Hope Chain is a non-profit based in Fort Worth, TX, founded by Dan and Bailey Huber, a father-and-daughter team with a desire to make a difference.

You are Not Alone

-You can ask for help here, without being shamed or made to feel small.
-No one should be left behind or left out
-You can do something to help someone in need
-No one should feel hopeless or helpless

Community can be the antidote. We believe in being connected, we’re in this together

We Can Be Heroes

You don’t have to do this alone. We welcome you to join other heroes and make change happen.

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