This is You Are Loved, a blog by Hope Chain.

Hi! We’re so happy you’re here. As you go through this blog, you’ll find resources, links to mental health experts, positive input, vlogs, stories of hope, and Hope Chain Challenges. Our goal with our mission is to reduce the stigmas around suicide and mental health, by spreading the message “You Are Loved” and creating communities of positivity and hope.

We’ve already created a few pieces of media surrounding our message. Check them out below!

Follow along! We’re so excited to have you here, AND we have lots coming your way. We should be having blogs out daily! Also, we are currently working on our podcast, coming to you very soon.

Thanks so much for being here, and supporting our cause.

If you’d like to support more, please consider a monthly donation or a one-time donation! Every penny helps us to save lives.

You Are Loved, 
Bailey Huber
Director of Hope Chain

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